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Next Event: Berkeley Castle

Wed 7th August 1.30 pm

Castle staff suggest we assemble at 1.30pm by the gates from the car park to the Walled Garden where we can count heads before going to the ticket office.  Once inside, our guide will meet us by the Guides’ Lodge.

If you arrive early, the Yurt Restaurant will be open for tea / coffee / lunch.  And we will go to the Yurt later for afternoon tea, after the tour and David Smith’s talk.

Any questions to


Valentine’s Day

Posted by Admin on behalf of Elizabeth Jack

On 14th February 1924 (in G.A. Ref: D37/1/510) Maynard Ciolchester Wemyss wrote to the King of Siam:

It is curious how customs and habits change. Today is Valentine’s Day and when I was young & in fact for some time afterwards, it was widely recognised as the chief day in the year for the love-lorn youths and maidens to exchange tokens of their affection. I believe the custom began with verses always supposed to be the production of the sender. I believe these date back for a great number of years. I think Pepys refers to them & very likely he was author of many amatory verses. Then I believe came the time when the love-lorn swain was himself the Valentine to be accepted as such or rejected by the lady of his choice though I don’t think her acceptance implied necessarily anything but a very temporary arrangement. Then much later on came the Penny Post and with it the printed and illustrated Valentine no longer the prided product of the sender and though the swain was only, at first, supposed to send one, the maiden might rake in as many as she could get, and regarded them as sort of trophies, somewhat in the light that an Indian warrior regarded the scalps of his enemies. Now-a-days one never hears of such a thing as a Valentine and very few people indeed realize or remember that 14th February has any special history attaching to it. I never could make out how or why the custom came to be associated with St. Valentine. I believe he was a nameless and blameless individual who came to a tragic end. How different is the position and life of a young girl now to what her grandmother’s was in the days when she received tributes of Valentines and perhaps very demurely admitted their receipt. I am conservative enough to feel a little regret when such an innocent and humble little custom as this passes into oblivion. It is one of the vanishing links with the past and I always regret it when these links are broken.

Turkish Baths

Liz Jack alerted me to this blog. Yesterday I was transcribing the Lloyd George 1909 Survey field books for Cainscross and came across a building that was formerly used as a Turkish Bath. Does anyone know if there has been any research on Turkish Baths in Gloucestershire?

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I was looking through the Cheltenham Chronicle and Gloucestershire Graphic today for the year of 1936 and came across a picture of a groom, his bride and her 100 year old bridesmaid!!  Can anyone beat that?

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