Prince Bariatinsky’s Organ

Whilst transcribing some entries from the account books of Theodore Gwinnett, a Cheltenham solicitor,  I came across the following, dated 1809 April 26:

“Paid coachfare in London at different times to Portland Place, etc., making enquiries after Lord Kensington and others and also to Mr Frost, etc., respecting Prince Bariatinsky’s organ.”

Who was Prince Bariatinsky and what or where was his organ?  Does anyone know?


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  1. Margaret Melaney

    Liz Jack challenged us to find out why her research subject, Theodore Gwinnett, a Cheltenham lawyer, would be traveling to London in 1809 on behalf of “Prince Bariatinsky’s Organ”.
    A quick search for the Prince revealed that his wife was Francis Mary Dutton, a local lass, from Sherborne. Searching for PRINCESS Bariatinsky came up with her memorial in St Mary Magdalene, Sherbourne. According to the monument, she died in 1807 in childbirth. So it seems possible that Theodore was assisting in contracting for an organ as a memorial.
    Liz tells me that Theodore Gwinnett was in fact a solicitor for the Sherborne estate, and that the Prince was “a great music lover”. ( Of course it may have been for his own use to console him on his loss. Only church records will tell.)
    A link to the memorial may be found at


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