An Indian tea planter in Charlton Kings

Looking through the Charlton Kings 1909 survey material the other day, I was intrigued by the name of a house in Sandy Lane – ‘Multrapore’. Searching on the ever helpful Google reveals that Multrapore is an Indian tea plantation still in operation and involved in some legal disputes of which the details are not available to the ordinary googler. The other reference which Google produced was to glos1909survey, and clicking on it brought one to the complete Charlton Kings data on the website! The Gloucestershire Archives file is classified at D2428/2/38.

In 1909 Multrapore was owned and occupied by Montague Douglas (or Donald) Seaton. The house occupied a quarter acre plot, valued at £120. The house was valued at £1050, clearly a substantial building when it is compared with the many houses and cottages valued at less than £100.

One Montagu Donald Seaton was a pupil at Christ’s Hospital Schook, Hertford, in 1881, and was aged 11. He had been born in Lichfield. Was this our man?

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At present mainly engaged with Gloucestershire Archives in leading the transcription of the material compiled for the Lloyd George survey of land values for 1909. Many volunteers involved, more welcome! Previously writer of some local history books: Tewkesbury, the Cotswolds, A thousand years of the Engiish Parish, Cheltenham A new history.

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  1. Neela Mann

    There seems little to link Montague Douglas Rosehurst Seaton with a tea plantation in India! In 1911 he was a 41 year old Cheltenham College schoolmaster living in a new 10 roomed house (actually Muttrapore) with his wife Ethel and his two daughters Dorothy (15) Margery (3). All but Margery were born in Staffordshire. No Indian connection there. What of Montague’s family? Were they in India? His father was the Rev John Montague Seaton. A cleric with no obvious links to India. The 1901 Census, however, reveals a slightly different picture. Montague is living at ‘Wimbourne’ in Leckhampton Road and his profession is a Mechanical Engineer. It also seems that he and Ethel married in Lichfield in July 1892. Ethel, as a child, was brought up mainly in boarding schools and her father appears on no censuses but her mother seems to have been producing further children in between censuses! The picture begins to be painted as an Ancestry family history reveals that they also married in Calcutta on 22 February 1894 and were living in India in 1894. Connection! Mere speculation but, was Montague Seaton an Engineer at the tea plantation in Muttrapore Assam? Were they married by his father in Lichfield? Was her father in India and they married there so that he could attend the ceremony? Will we ever see the complete picture!?


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